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  • Self-paced course including video modules, journal exercises and group coaching sessions

This course is for any translator at any level who wants to up their game and get more out of their job/life/themselves. It takes a novel angle on what you need to "succeed" (however you define that), involving not only quality and strategies, but mindset and much more besides. A chance to reset the way you approach your work, and then sit back and enjoy the results.


What You'll Learn


✓ How to develop a unique vision of your role and your contribution

✓ Practical ways of applying that vision to your working life

✓ The basic building blocks of success in any profession

✓ How to develop your mindset in addition to working on your skills and marketing

✓ Understanding what it means to be a freelance business rather than just an agency freelancer

✓ Developing a holistic view of success that takes your entire life into account

✓ How ProZ.com can help you in that journey



What’s included?

MODULE 1 – The vision thing

MODULE 2 – The right frame of mind

MODULE 3 – Quality first

MODULE 4 – Getting the word out

MODULE 5 – Learning to serve

MODULE 6 – Keeping good company

MODULE 7 – The story you tell yourself

MODULE 8 – Mental and physical wellbeing

MODULE 9 – Dealing with failure and challenge

MODULE 10 – Making the best use of ProZ.com




      How long does it take to complete?


      This is a self-paced course and so you can work through the video modules in your own time. There are 10 modules and the recommended rhythm is 1-2 modules per week, so most students should complete the course within 2-3 months. It is also important to allow at least 1 hour to complete the journal tasks at the end of each module.


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Created by: Andrew Morris

About the trainer

Andrew Morris is a freelance translator and writer. He has also had an active social media presence in translation since 2014. In 2019 he began working for ProZ.com as Head of Messaging. His role involves communicating about translation and freelancing with translators and the world and draws on both is knowledge of our industry and many years of experience gained during a long first career in education and training. He is passionate about helping freelancers gain new perspectives on their work and their lives, create choices, open up new opportunities and, above all, maximise their professional and personal potential.


Who is this course for?

All translators and interpreters. No previous experience needed.



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