An Introduction to Audiovisual Translation

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Join us for the course "An Introduction to Audiovisual Translation" and delve into the fundamental concepts of AVT with one of the world's leading experts. This course explores the nature of audiovisual texts and provides a general taxonomy of various AVT practices, including accessibility to the media. It offers a detailed account of professional practices such as subtitling, surtitling, subtitling for the D/deaf and hard-of-hearing, narration, interpreting, dubbing, voiceover, and audio description. Additionally, the course examines the technical and translational differences and similarities between dubbing and subtitling.



Key topics


✓ The nature of audiovisual texts

✓ A general taxonomy of the various audiovisual translation (AVT) practices, including accessibility to the media

✓A detailed account of the following professional practices:


1. Subtitling
2. Surtitling
3. Subtitling for the D/deaf and the hard-of-hearing
4. Narration
5. Interpreting
6. Dubbing
7. Voiceover
8. Audio Description


✓ Dubbing vs subtitling: technical and translational differences and similarities





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Access to the live session with Jorge on June 6th, 2024.

✓ Recording will be made available for registered attendees

✓ Certificate of attendance



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All translators and interpreters. No previous experience needed.


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Jorge Díaz Cintas is Professor of Translation and founding director (2013-2016) of the Centre for Translation Studies (CenTraS) at University College London. He is the author of numerous articles, special issues and books on audiovisual translation, including Subtitling: Concepts and Practices (with Aline Remael, 2021). A pioneer in audiovisual translation, Jorge has trained translators-to-be across six continents, is a frequent speaker at international conferences and events, and has offered consultant services to the European Parliament, European Commission, NATO, OOONA and Netflix, among others. He is the Chief Editor of the Peter Lang series New Trends in Translation Studies and the recipient of the Jan Ivarsson Award (ESIST, 2014) and the Xènia Martínez Award (ATRAE, 2015) for invaluable services to the field of audiovisual translation.



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