How to build rock-hard confidence as an interpreter

Achieve your greatest sense of self-worth so clients and colleagues will want to work with you! Acquire a confident, assured voice in the booth that audience members will enjoy listening to.

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Join this webinar to learn how you can build rock-hard confidence in yourself as a language expert so when the hard times come you are unshakable.

  • 90-minute webinar
    on March 13 at 4pm GMT
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Building confidence as an interpreter is a gradual process that involves a combination of practice, knowledge improvement, and self-awareness. This webinar offers tried-and-true tips to help you build confidence in your interpreting skills.


Learning objectives:

✓ Learn 3 strategies for finding your strength before and during your loss of confidence.
✓ Pinpoint which situations affect you the most and develop an action plan to overcome them.
Real-life stories of interpreters who weren't sure of themselves--and how they came out victorious.



Who is this course for?

✓ Beginning conference interpreters who need a confidence boost
✓ Any interpreter who has trouble overcoming a bad review
✓ Interpreters who doubt themselves.





What’s included?


March 13, 2024 at 4p.m. GMT: Live 90-minute workshop with Robert.

✓ Recording will be made available for registered attendees.

✓ Certificate of attendance.




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What you'll learn?


✓ Why is confidence important for interpreters?
✓ Situations that break interpreters the most.
✓ 3 strategies for finding your strength before and during your loss of confidence.
✓ Cultivating a confident voice



Trainer: Robert Holloway


Seattle native Robert Holloway, raised by a Korean-adoptee mother and an American father, embarked on a unique journey to master the Korean language. Despite the absence of Korean spoken at home, his dedication over a decade, coupled with mentorship from seasoned interpreters, transformed him into a professional linguist with a profound understanding of Korean culture.

Co-founder of Midwest Korean Translation, Robert leverages his linguistic prowess to offer exceptional Korean language services. Beyond his professional endeavors, Robert is a compelling speaker, captivating audiences at Korean schools, international events, weddings, and cultural settings. His inspirational talks transcend language, motivating both children and adults to pursue language studies, personal goals, and success in life.



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