ITD 2021 Pre-Conference Workshops

All the Workshops will be recorded. Even if you do not attend the live session, you will still have unlimited access to the video, handouts and certificate.


Take advantage of these special pre-conference workshops to develop your skills, earn certificates, enhance your profile and prepare yourself to get more work!


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Paul Urwin

Tess Whitty-1

Optimize Your Website and Online Profiles



In this workshop we go through what content you should have on your website, how to optimize it for search engines and how to optimize your LinkedIn profile. 
You will get lots of examples and an opportunity to get feedback on your own profiles. 

You’ll get tips and steps to develop the following:


  1. ✓ Optimized Website
  2. ✓ What content you need on your website
  3. ✓ Basic SEO strategies
  4. ✓ Website inspiration
  5. ✓ Optimized Online Presence
  6. ✓ How to optimize online directories
  7. ✓ How to set up an optimized LinkedIn profile
  8. ✓ How to use LinkedIn to find potential customers and engage with them

This is a live 2-hour workshop where you can get immediate feedback and ask questions.

What previous participants say:


feedback-1 "Excellent overview of how to market your business online and get a deeper insight into the benefits of LinkedIn."  

feedback-1 "Tess Whitty's workshop "Let clients come to you: Inbound marketing for freelance translators" is excellent. She converts her marketing expertise into useful tips related to how you can attract ideal clients, how you can optimize your website content, how you can improve your LinkedIn profile and share useful content in the social media. Last but not least, she explains about analytics and reports so you can see if you are doing well." 


Join experienced trainer, expert translator and distinguished industry leader Tess Whitty for an incredible workshop packed with value that will help boost your career!


Date: 28 September 2021

Time: 4:00 pm GMT


This workshop has been pre-approved for 2 ATA CE points


Join for  $99 $50



Tess Whitty is a certified English into Swedish translator, specializing in digital marketing and localization. With a degree in International Marketing and background as marketing manager, she also shares her marketing knowledge and translator experience with other freelance translators as an award-winning speaker, trainer, consultant, author, and podcaster. 


She is involved in several translator associations as a committee chair, language chair, trainer and mentor. In 2020, she was ranked among the top 50 world’s industry localization influencers. 


Key Content Marketing Tactics for Freelance Translators



If content is the new advertisement, content marketing is your must-go tool to drive traffic to your website, get noticed on LinkedIn, and foster customer loyalty across multiple digital channels.


But what do you need to create and execute a content marketing strategy that works? 


More importantly, what tactics and resources could you benefit from in order to create content that resonates with your target customer?


In this workshop, you will learn:


- Why content marketing and branding are you key business allies in 2022 and beyond

- What tactics and resources you can use to streamline your content ideation, creation, and publication processes

- How you can use content marketing to help drive revenue for your freelance translation business



Date: 28 September 2021

Time: 11:00 am GMT


This workshop has been pre-approved for 2 ATA CE points


Join for  $99 $50


Delfina Morganti

Delfina Morganti Hernández is a writer, marketer and English-Spanish (LATAM, Argentina) transcreator and copywriter. Every day, she helps brands and fellow translator entrepreneurs boost their conversion potential through disruptive content that converts and stories that sell.


She has a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting Studies (2008-2011), unfinished studies in Language and Literature (2011-2019), and an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Advertising (2017-2019).


In 2020, Delfina created Founded in Transcreation, the first ever podcast on transcreation, her specialty service.


Convinced that marketing is a tool that can help translators coexist with (rather than simply compete against) one another in the localization market, Delfina uses her social media accounts (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) to share free content on marketing and branding masterclasses and tips for translators. She has been delivering training on literary translation, transcreation, and marketing for translators for 9 years now.

Jason Willis-Lee

Setting Up a Freelance Translator Business: All You Need to Know


This workshop will allow attendees to become acquainted with the concepts, modes and challenges of setting up as a freelance translator so that they can start to provide their professional services confidently and profitably. 


Includes the following modules:


-Getting started is easier than you think

-Marketing: brand, profile, activity?

-Working from home - time management

-Building your social media presence: engaging and marketing

-How to get over the no-experience barrier

-How to create an effective CV

-Specialising and networking

-How to value yourself

-Working with LSPs

-Working with direct clients


Date: 28 September 2021

Time: 2:00 pm GMT


This workshop has been pre-approved for 2 ATA CE points



GET FOR  $99 $50

Jason Willis-Lee, CL MCIL MITI ( graduated in physiology after training as a doctor for over three years at Bristol Medical School (UK) including one year’s full hospital training. He worked briefly as a clinical research associate (CRA) before switching into applied linguistics and earning a postgraduate diploma in translating and interpreting from the University of Bath (UK). 


He now lives and works full time in Madrid as a self-employed medical and pharmaceutical translator (clinical trials, medical reports and academic research articles niche fields) in the Spanish-English (ITI certified) and French-English language pairs. He has previously given subject specific webinars and workshops for medical translators on the topics Blood Tests, the ECG, Diabetes and Cancer. Jason gave a presentation on Personal Finance Tips for Translators and Interpreters at BP2020 online and for the CIOL. Jason is a regular beginners course workshop organiser for the CIOL. He organised the specialization conference thread at the Elia Together conference for freelancers and LSPs held in Athens in February 2018 and also cofounded the collaborative networking translation project medico-legal translations - 

Learn How to Use DeepL Machine Translation


Substantially speed up your translation process

Learn to use the free MT version
Learn to use the paid MT version
Learn to ensure confidentiality
Learn post-editing techniques
Learn essential quality assurance rules
Learn to use and create electronic glossaries

1. Who is this course for?

Any translator in any language pair anywhere in the world (with access to internet)
Any interpreter who would like to incursion into the world of translation
Any person who needs to acquire basic information about a document (lower quality translation without post-editing)
Only requirement: sufficient command of English to understand the session
2. What are the key learning objectives?

Upon completion of this workshop, students will be able to:
Have a rough draft translation in seconds
Create a light post-edited document very fast
Create a professional translation using full post-editing saving lots of time
Improve research and confirmation of translated terms
Understand how to incorporate MT into CAT tools


Date: 28 September 2021

Time: 1:00 pm GMT


This workshop has been pre-approved for 2 ATA CE points


GET FOR  $99 $50


Claudia Brauer

Claudia Brauer is well known for designing and delivering some 230 hours of language-neutral proprietary content for interpreters and translators. Claudia’s “Remote Interpreting” webinars started in 2010, ahead of the times, establishing an imprint for future trainers of remote interpreters. Her “Method Acting” proposal for Interpreters is trail-blazing and spreading quickly to other teachers. Claudia has 40 years of experience as a linguist in Latin America and the USA, logging over 17,000 hours as an interpreter and translating more than 12 million words. She uses this experience to urge her students to become tech-savvy and highly adaptable, to thrive in change, have mental flexibility, and play well in collective knowledge environments.

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