AI-proof services: An introduction to official document translation

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Learn what it takes to translate vital statistics and academic documents for government and legal entities

  • A 90-minute workshop covering
    official document translation essentials
    with Jennifer Nielsen
    May 23, 16:00 GMT


"AI-Proof Services: An Introduction to Official Document Translation" is a concise 90-minute course led by experienced ATA Certified Translator Jennifer Nielsen, designed to guide translators into the lucrative niche of official document translation, resistant to AI advancements. This course, suitable for translators of any language into English, covers translating vital records, academic documents, and other official texts, alongside formatting techniques and client management strategies, without requiring prior translation certification. It's an essential investment for those looking to future-proof their career in translation, offering practical knowledge and a step towards a stable and profitable service offering.


Key topics


✓ Introduction to official document translation: Understanding its role in today’s world and how it remains a vital human skill.
✓ Types of official documents: Key insights into vital records, academic documents, and more.

✓ Navigating apostilles.
✓ Formatting fundamentals.
✓ Client management strategies.

And much, much more!


Who is this course for?


✔ Translators working into English who are seeking to broaden their expertise or explore new avenues in translation that are resistant to automation by AI. No prior certification in translation is required.


✔ Novices and seasoned translators are welcome!


What’s included?


Access to the live session with Jennifer on May 23, 2024 at 16:00 GMT.

✓ Recording will be made available for registered attendees

✓ Certificate of attendance



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Jennifer Nielsen is an ATA Certified Translator. Having worked in the language services industry for over a decade, her adaptability and strong professional relationships have been key to her success. Her roles as president of translators' associations in the US and Mexico have allowed her to form invaluable support networks and gain insights into freelance challenges. As a Spanish-English translator, interpreter, project manager, and copywriter, she has embraced diverse roles, fueling continual growth and evolution in this dynamic field. As a former educator, she is also passionate about training and mentoring colleagues, guiding them to hone their practical skills and mindset to define and achieve their personal versions of success.

She believes time is her most important resource and strives to find a balance between professional growth, rest, and personal satisfaction. Adventures with her family, whether at the beach or in the mountains, or just spending time at home together, fill her cup and fuel her passion for her work. 




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