A balancing act: Navigating AI in translation with skill and insight

Discover the transformative potential of AI in translation, delve into the dynamic intersection of technology and language, exploring how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the translation landscape.

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Make AI work for you!

  • 90-minute webinar
    Tuesday April 30 at 17.00 GMT
    Recordings available for attendees

Explore the dynamic role of AI in translation. Gain insights into leveraging AI tools for enhanced workflows while acknowledging their limitations.


This webinar covers practical applications, emphasizing AI as a supportive tool, not a replacement. Discover how AI can boost efficiency and open new possibilities in translation, with a focus on balancing technological prowess with human touch. Delve into challenges like context misinterpretation and cultural nuances, understanding the importance of a skilled translator. Prepare for the future of translation with discussions on industry trends and adapting to technological advancements.


Join 'The Balancing Act' for a concise yet impactful exploration of AI's influence on translation, shaping your future in this evolving field.


Learning objectives:

✓ A basic understanding of the role of AI in translation
Capabilities, and limitations of AI in translation.
Real-world application knowledge
Practical demonstrations of AI translation tools.
✓ Understand how these tools are used in various translation scenarios.
✓ Skill enhancement
✓ Recognize the limitations and potential biases.
Build confidence in using AI as a complementary tool rather than a replacement.
✓ Cultivate critical thinking skills to assess when and how to use AI effectively.
Connect and network with other students and professionals interested in AI and translation.
✓ Access a variety of resources, tools, and further reading materials for continuous learning.
✓ Get recommendations for AI translation tools and platforms to explore post-webinar.



Who is this course for?

✓ Translators and language professionals
✓ Translation and language students
✓ Concerned industry professionals
✓ Those who want to thrive in this evolving industry,
Those who want to enhance their existing translation methods or to understand the impact of AI on the translation industry


No prior expertise in AI is required.




What’s included?


Tuesday April 30 - 17.00 GMT: Live 90-minute workshop with Carolin.

✓ Recording will be made available for registered attendees.

✓ Certificate of attendance.



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Trainer: Carolin Menéndez


Carolin is a linguist and language enthusiast. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and a Master of Arts in Translation Studies from the University of Puerto Rico. Carolin holds a specialized certificate in AI for translation, showcasing her dedication to integrating cutting-edge technology into her work. With two decades of experience in the language industry, she specializes in education, environmental, audiovisual, and marketing fields. Carolin is the proud owner of Prose Language Services, a language services boutique based in Southern California, offering translation, interpretation, editing, and subtitling services.



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Join experienced trainer Carolin Menéndez for an incredible webinar packed with value that will help boost your career!



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