How to deal with perfectionism

and imposter syndrome

Find out how to identify these traits, get hands-on advice and complete exercises to help you get a better understanding of your individual situation and how best to deal with it.

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  • 90-minute workshop
    23 March 2022 at 15:00 GMT
    Recordings available for attendees

This course is designed for all translators and interpreters who may have experienced either imposter syndrome (feeling that they are not truly qualified to work as a translator or interpreter) or perfectionism. Bettina will take you through techniques for identifying your own situation and then putting together an effective strategy for managing them so that they don't have a negative impact on your work or life.


Specifically, this course is for translators or interpreters who:


✓ struggle with perfectionism and/or imposter syndrome in a work setting

✓ frequently doubt their skills and competencies

✓ shy away from taking on jobs or tasks outside their comfort zone

✓ would like to feel more confident about their work

✓ want to learn how to deal with imposter syndrome and perfectionism in order to be happier with their business


This course is a live and web-based, delivered over 1.5 hours.


Imposter Syndrome


What’s included?


23 March 2022, 15:00 GMT: Live 90-minute workshop with Bettina

✓ Recording will be made available for registered attendees

✓ Certificate of attendance


In this workshop, we'll be using worksheets with practical exercises and journaling prompts that you can print out and continue to work with. These will enable you to do all the practical work we cover in the workshop even if you can't attend live, at your own pace. It makes sense to keep coming back to the worksheets over time to help build and consolidate your new positive patterns of behavior and thinking.



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What You'll Learn


✓ The symptoms imposter syndrome and perfectionism manifest themselves through and in what ways they can make our lives as freelancers more difficult
✓ How to start changing the way you think and feel about, as well as deal with, imposter syndrome and perfectionism
✓ Tools you can use whenever you feel your imposter syndrome or perfectionism is holding you back, in order to establish new, more helpful patterns of behavior and thinking.



Who is this course for?

All translators and interpreters. No previous experience needed.


Trainer: Bettina Röhricht


Bettina Röhricht is a freelance translator and coach based in England. Originally from North Germany, she translates from English and Portuguese into German, specializing in politics and the environment.


Having worked as a freelance translator for over 21 years, Bettina is very familiar with all the stress and responsibilities that come with the territory. In addition to her career in translation, she started working as a coach about 10 years ago to help other translators deal with work-life balance and self-care issues, overcome internal barriers and be happier, more successful, freelancers.


In her spare time, she enjoys reading, dancing, singing, and chilling with her cats. She’s also passionate about plant-based food, conservation and generally saving the planet.




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