Certified MT Posteditor Training Course

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  • 3-hour online course
    With live QA sessions

ProZ.com is hosting this online training to become a professional Post-Editor of Machine Translation (PEMT). This online training will give you the tools you need to confidently work on postediting assignments or use postediting to speed up your own translation process.

The training course prepares translators and linguists to exercise different routines and procedures to acquire the skills needed to become competent and successful in the new world of postediting machine-translation output. It covers quality assurance to achieve human parity from MT output as well as exercises on how to complete light post-editing assignments when the client’s requests are just a “good enough” deliverable. You will practice post-editing of real machine-translated text at different qualities of the output.


pemt-2 You will work with the tools needed to complete postediting assignments or use postediting to speed up your own translation process. We will talk and work with quality in the context of productivity. You will practice postediting to meet different quality expectations, from “light postediting” requested by clients “for information purposes” only, to achieving “human-equivalent quality” by completing “full postediting” of the MT output. We will review error categories, how to correct them, and how to adhere to the service scope requested by each client.



Why is this workshop so unique?

You will participate in a functional experience full of exercises to develop your skills, created by a translator for translators and other linguists working in the language services industry.

Join trendsetter and experienced instructor Claudia Brauer for an incredible workshop packed with value that will help boost your career!


After completing this course, you will be able to:

✓ Recognize and use the different levels of post-editing wanted by clients in the marketplace
✓ Understand the differences between PEMT and traditional editing and revision
✓ Practice actual post-editing: Light PEMT and Full PEMT
✓ Assess machine-translation output for post-editing efforts
✓ Encode PEMT skills in your long-term memory to use them immediately in your work
✓ Apply easy tricks to increase translation productivity using PEMT skills


Training Topics:


✓ Become comfortable postediting different types of texts
✓ Study postediting with and without pre-editing original text
✓ Discover the PEMT skills that are different from translation skills
✓ Use the PEMT kills that are equivalent to translation skills
✓ Become capable of postediting for fast completion
✓ Practice putting in only the effort you are being paid for, no more, no less.
✓ Understand the concept of garbage in >> garbage out related to MT output
✓ Apply postediting complying with linguistic rules
✓ Carry out integration exercises using PEMT with your CAT tools
✓ Prepare to find PEMT work (where and how)



What’s included?


✓ Self-paced training course with support and interaction
✓ 90 minutes of on-demand videos and screen shares spaced through 6 modules
✓ 30 minutes of skills-building practical exercises
✓ 30 minutes of reading and research assignments
✓ Five quizzes to ensure learning
✓ One final test divided to prove skills in three different areas
✓ (After Testing) Certificate as a Machine Translation Posteditor



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Early Bird Price $99!


Is this workshop language-neutral?

Our content is delivered in English (lessons and quizzes), but the practicum is language-neutral because the subject matters may be applied to any language pair. Assignments are designed to be completed in English but may be delivered in any language as we will assess your performance (not your quality). It is therefore to your benefit to complete all exercises in your working language pair, if possible.


What are the training topics?



Trainer: Claudia Brauer


Claudia Brauer

Claudia Brauer is well known for designing and delivering some 230 hours of language-neutral proprietary content for interpreters and translators. Claudia has 40 years of experience as a linguist in Latin America and the USA, logging over 17,000 hours as an interpreter and translating more than 12 million words. She uses this experience to urge her students to become tech-savvy and highly adaptable, to thrive in change, have mental flexibility, and play well in collective knowledge environments.





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Participation includes:

• Access to the live QA sessions
• Access to the self-paced course
• ProZ.com certificate of completion



ProZ.com eLearning comes with a 7-day no questions asked, money back guarantee.  If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your purchase and you are within 7 days of purchase, contact the Support Center and request a 100% refund.

It is recommended that you use the Google Chrome browser to access these courses. Here is a full list of system requirements:

• Windows: Internet Explorer 10 or later, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox 
• Mac: Safari (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)
• Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 8 or later, Google Chrome in Apple iOS 8 or later, Google Chrome in Android OS 4.1 or later

Training materials, links to the live sessions and certificates of completion will be available in your personal training cabinet. If you have not received the link to the training platform or have any doubts, contact the Support Center for details.