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14-day Challenge to Retrain Interpreters for Remote Interpreting

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Accelerate your learning and practice your skills to meet the demands of a COVID-19 world and beyond.
This is a free workshop where Claudia Brauer will coach interpreters during a 14-day boot-camp. It is a language-neutral teaching environment, instructed in English. This means that, as long as you understand English to take the course, it will apply to any language pair you use in your work.

These sessions are skills-building experiences with exercises for interpreters to complete within the course of a 24-hour period.

Interpreters must commit to invest at least 2-1/2 hours per day in their professional development plus 8 hours of virtual-live monitored practice.
This FREE 40-hour CHALLENGE TO RETRAIN IN REMOTE INTERPRETING will be offered from April 15 through April 28, 2020 only.




  • 14 Days Included:

    DAY 1: The Verbal Gym
  • DAY 2: Focus on Skills
  • DAY 3: Acting Center
  • DAY 4: Focus on our Humanity
  • DAY 5: Technology Studio
  • DAY 6: Focus on Technology
  • DAY 7: Exercise Room for Different Platforms
  • DAY 8: Focus on Protocols & Processes
  • DAY 9: Focus on Processes
  • DAY 10: Focus on the Customer
  • DAY 11: Profile of a Remote Interpreter
  • DAY 12: Focus on Your Individual Needs
  • DAY 13: Focus on Your Individual Needs
  • DAY 14: Final Evaluation


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