How to price your transcreation services

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  • 90-minute webinar
    February 29, 2024 at 16:00 GMT
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Are you a translator thinking about expanding your services to include transcreation? Or are you already working as a transcreator? If so, how confident are you when it comes to pricing your services?

In the workshops I have run over the years (and in this course), I have covered many aspects that are key to providing transcreation services in ways to meet actual client needs. One of the big issues that always come up is pricing.

In this webinar, I will help you find a pricing structure that is right for you and your clients, looking at various scenarios, depending on: types of texts and services needed, direct clients vs agencies, hourly/project/retainer fees, what to include in a proposal, and arguments to use in price negotiations, based on real-life cases. You are welcome to submit questions or tricky situations you have experienced beforehand or during the webinar and Q&A.


Learning objectives:

✓ Tailoring your pricing model to transcreation projects
✓ Factors influencing transcreation rates
✓ Pricing strategies for different scenarios
✓ Handling negotiations with confidence
✓ Maximizing your earnings without compromising quality



Who is this course for?

✓ Transcreation professionals: If you're actively involved in the field of transcreation, whether as a freelancer, agency, or in-house professional, this webinar will provide valuable insights to optimize your pricing strategies.

✓ Language Service Providers (LSPs): Owners and operators of language service providers seeking to enhance their understanding of transcreation pricing for higher client satisfaction.

✓ Freelance linguists and copywriters: Individuals who work independently in the linguistic and creative sectors, looking to refine their pricing methods specifically for transcreation projects.

Whether you are new to transcreation or an experienced professional seeking to optimize your pricing strategy, this webinar is designed to cater to a diverse audience with the common goal of mastering transcreation pricing for success.



What’s included?


February 29, 2024 - 16:00 GMT: Live 90-minute workshop with Nina.

✓ Recording will be made available for registered attendees.

✓ Certificate of attendance.



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Trainer: Nina Sattler-Hovdar


Nina is one of the best known transcreators globally, with 30 years' experience in translating and writing texts that are meant to inform, engage, and inspire.
With a Master’s degree in translation and an additional background in marketing, she specializes in corporate communication, advertising, PR, and other business-critical texts that require top writing skills and expertise in corporate thinking. Her main working languages are English and Norwegian into German.
Based on her deep expertise, Nina has also become a sought-after speaker and coach, holding in-person and online presentations, seminars, and workshops. Find out more about her on LinkedIn or at



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