How machine learning transforms TM from knowledge to context and how this impacts the role of the translator

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In an age where technology is rapidly reshaping industries, the field of translation is no exception. This workshop will aid in comprehending fundamental machine learning principles and how generative AI can empower a translator to evolve into a Language Flow Architect.


In this course, we will explore how the translation memory and term base paradigms have worked over the past forty years and how they are fundamentally changing with the advent of Generative Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models. We will cover basic machine learning fundamentals such as Zero Shot vs. Few Shot learning and how they apply to translation as well as how we will have a critical role in the next few years that will determine whether translators will be relegated to insignificance or gain even more strategic value.


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Gabriel Fairman is a thought leader and entrepreneur specializing in localization and business process automation. He has navigated Bureau Works from a Boutique Translation Agency to a Global Localization Platform/Translation Management System. A speaker of six languages, Gabriel grew up speaking American English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Argentinian Spanish. He then picked up a bit of French, Italian, and Mandarin. Gabriel writes about the first-hand experience of a business leader, entrepreneur, father, and human being. He loves to play the guitar, cook, play tennis, and be in nature in any way or shape.


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