How to Optimize Your Cover Letter and Find More or Better Translation Agencies/Companies

Learn what it takes to develop the tools to sell effectively to translation agencies!

A live 3-hour workshop and a 1-hour Q&A session that will teach you everything you need to get started in this high volume sector.

Join experienced trainer, expert translator and distinguished industry leader Tess Whitty for an incredible workshop packed with value that will help boost your career!


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Develop the skills you need to get more work with translation agencies

  • 3-hour workshop on 29 April 2021 followed by 1-hour Q&A approximately 2 weeks later. Recordings available for attendees.
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For the opportunities freelance translators are pursuing, an appropriate resume is a one- to two-page summary of relevant skills, experience, and education. A resume must be brief because the reader typically spends less than a minute reviewing its contents. You need to make sure your resume is concise, well written, and that it contains the information translation companies are looking for, and, by the same token, that it does not contain anything that is irrelevant or unnecessary.


Over the past decade, I have mentored and coached other freelance translators with their marketing. One of the most frequent tasks I’ve had is to review and help them with their basic marketing material; CV, cover letter and online profiles.


What You'll Learn


In this workshop, you'll get tips and steps to develop the following:


✓ A resume that sells - what to include and what to avoid, what translation agencies are looking for, plus some layout tips

✓ A cover letter (email) that makes project managers want to open your resume and register you in their database

✓ Resources for where to find translation work



What’s included?

  • ✓ 29 April 15:00 GMT: Live 3-hour workshop with Tess

    ✓ 2 weeks after workshop: Live 1-hour Q&A with Tess

    ✓ Recordings for registered attendees


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This session is over.  Check out for more courses at


What Previous Participants Say:


I recommend this workshop! I learned a lot of hands-on tips to improve my online profiles, resume and cover letter to apply to agencies. Plus, Tess can review your resume / profiles and give you a feedback!*


Very practical and hands-on advice. I was able to implement changes to my CV immediately, and have received good feedback from clients about it.


The workshop was very practical and informative, I enjoyed the interactive elements of the session and the fact that the handouts are a very good resource to look back at. Tess is very knowledgeable and give very practical advice. The workshop covers pretty much everything about working with agencies.

Feedback is given live on selected resumes and profiles which should be emailed to before the event.


Created by: Tess Whitty


Tess Whitty is a certified English into Swedish translator, specializing in digital marketing and localization. With a degree in International Marketing and background as marketing manager, she also shares her marketing knowledge and translator experience with other freelance translators as an award-winning speaker, trainer, consultant, author, and podcaster. She is involved in several translator associations as a committee chair, language chair, trainer and mentor. In 2020, she was ranked among the top 50 world’s industry localization influencers. 

This course is fThis

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is interested in finding more and better translation agency clients.



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• Access to the 2 live sessions;
• Session recordings. workshops come with a 7-day no questions asked, money back guarantee, AS LONG AS THE CANCELLATION IS MADE NO LATER THAN 72 HOURS BEFORE THE FIRST LIVE EVENT IS DUE TO START.

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