An Introduction to Voiceover

including how to set up a home studio

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Set up your home studio and add voiceover to your portfolio of services!

  • 2-hour workshop on 24 February 2022 at 15:00 GMT. Recordings available for attendees.

This workshop is designed for translators and interpreters who would like to find out more about voiceover and who may be considering adding voiceover to their portfolio of services.


Specifically, this course is for translators or interpreters who would like to:


✓ find out more about voiceover and how it works

✓ learn how to set up a home studio, including which type of microphone, headset etc. is best

✓ increase their confidence with all types of audio recording and presenting



This course is a live and web-based, delivered over 2 hours.


Voice actor


What’s included?


24 February 2022, 15:00 GMT: Live 2-hour workshop with Paul

✓ Recording will be made available for registered attendees

✓ Certificate of attendance


In this workshop, you'll learn lots about voiceover in a short space of time. Why you should consider voiceover, how to set up your equipment and how to find VO clients are just a few of the topics Paul will cover. If you've always been curious about voiceover--how it works and how you can work in this exciting area--then this workshop is for you.



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Who is this course for?

All translators and interpreters. No previous experience needed.


Trainer: Paul Urwin


Paul Urwin is Head of Training at, where he dedicates his time to helping freelance translators and interpreters succeed. He creates and sources interactive courses that are designed to take freelancers on a journey to achieving a quantifiable end result that will help them in their careers. Paul performed his first paid translation in 1996, founded a successful LSP in 2004 and is also an accomplished voice actor. He is an experienced podcast host and regularly conducts and appears in online interviews and events.




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• Session recording
• certificate of completion workshops come with a 7-day no questions asked, money back guarantee, AS LONG AS THE CANCELLATION IS MADE NO LATER THAN 72 HOURS BEFORE THE FIRST LIVE EVENT IS DUE TO START.

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