ChatGPT for Translators:
A Four-Week Comprehensive AI Bootcamp 2.0

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  • The 4 weeks course starts from the week of June 26, 2023.
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Join Steven for a deep dive into the world of AI in translation in this intensive, four-week, interactive bootcamp. The program is designed to equip translators with the skills and knowledge to effectively leverage ChatGPT, a transformative AI technology, in their work so that they can deliver better translations, faster.


If you have not attended the webinars with Steven in March, April and May yet, this is the time to join the 4-week Bootcamp and learn more about new technology available for language professionals.


Each week features 1-2 hours of video content from Steven, hands-on exercises (and homework!), prompt templates and finished prompts for dozens of specific use cases, and a live Q&A session with Steven to discuss and review your work. Seating is limited, so sign up now!



Remember, seating is limited so be sure to register as soon as possible.


Join for $275


Special bonus for Plus subscribers: free access to the week 5 module

with materials that are not included in the main course. 



Week 1: Leverage ChatGPT in the Translator's Role
Begin your bootcamp journey with Steven's comprehensive introduction into AI's transformative role in translation. Dive into ChatGPT's capabilities across various translation tasks, understand key market trends, AI technology, and prompt engineering principles. You'll engage with hands-on exercises for practical application and discuss your progress in the weekly live Q&A, and have the opportunity to access additional free, live training on CotranslatorAI. 


Week 2: Discover how ChatGPT can Enhance your Terminologist and Writer Roles
In the second week, delve further into the realm of AI and its profound impact on client communication and technical tasks. Learn how to leverage ChatGPT to perfect your terminology and enrich your writing. Complemented with hands-on exercises, you will receive guidance to help foster the right mindset and strategies for integrating AI into your workflow, alongside advanced insights into prompt engineering.

Week 3: Let ChatGPT Support your Editor and Technician Roles
In week three, take on the Editor and Technician roles, focusing on the integration of AI into your translation workflow. Through practical exercises drawn from our 'ChatGPT for Translators Workshop', enhance your editing, post-editing, and technical skills using ChatGPT. This pivotal week guides you towards a more profound assimilation of AI, refining your work and bolstering your technical expertise.

Week 4: Engage Effectively as a Communicator and Project Manager using ChatGPT
In the concluding week, evolve as a communicator and project manager in the AI-driven translation landscape. Explore more use cases for communicating with clients and working with source texts and translations done by others. Gain insights into the dynamics of tokens, costs, and data usage, and refund your understanding of advanced prompt engineering principles. This week aims to equip you with the comprehensive understanding required to excel in the new AI-driven translation paradigm.


Key learnings you can expect from the bootcamp:

1. AI Translation Techniques: Acquire practical knowledge and hands-on experience with using AI, particularly ChatGPT, and become a whiz at prompt engineering in important translator use cases.
2. Workflow Enhancement: Learn how to effectively integrate AI tools into your existing translation processes, optimizing your productivity.
3. Navigating the AI-driven Translation Landscape: Gain insights into the evolving dynamics of the freelance translation field in the context of AI so that you can be prepared as the environment evolves.


Remember, seating is limited so be sure to register as soon as possible.


Join for $275


Special bonus for Plus subscribers: free access to the week 5 module

with materials that are not included in the main course. 



Your trainer: 

Steven S. Bammel, PhD, is a seasoned technical translator specializing in Korean-to-English translation who is actively harnessing the power of AI-based tools like ChatGPT to revolutionize translation work. As the President of Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc., he has nearly 30 years of experience in Korea, business, and translation fields, making him well-equipped to share valuable insights and techniques in this webinar.


Steven earned his MS and PhD in Strategic Management from Hanyang University in Korea and a BBA in Economics from the University of Texas at Arlington, USA. He has previously worked as an in-house translator and editor for the Korean multinational corporation, LG International Corp., and has co-authored several research papers in Korean academic journals.

With a deep understanding of econometrics and statistics for the social sciences, Steven is proficient in using advanced translation tools such as Trados Studio, memoQ Translator pro, and LogiTerm Pro. His experience in integrating AI-based tools into his translation workflow has led to increased efficiency and accuracy.


As an active member of the American Translators Association (ATA) since 2000 and formerly certified at the highest level in Korean proficiency and Korean-to-English translation, Steven is the perfect guide to help you explore and adopt AI-powered solutions in your translation work.


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