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Translation: Learn the Trade

  • How to Get Started as a Freelance Translator PACKAGE Includes Plus Membership
  • How to Start Your Career as a Translator $49
  • The and MCIS Online Translator Training Program
  • Post-Editing

Interpreting: Develop Your Skills

  • / MCIS Online Interpreter Training Program
  • Remote Interpreter Bootcamp
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Business: Diversify, Grow, Improve

  • An Introduction to Voiceover for Translators and Interpreters
  • 10 Steps to Success $99
  • How to Get More Clients
  • Project Management 1: How to Analyze and Quote Projects
  • How to Master LinkedIn
  • How to Set Up a Translator Website and Build Your Translation Brand Online

Medical Translation

  • The Medical Translator's First Aid Kit
  • All Medical Translation Training

CAT Tools Training

  • NEW RELEASE: SDL Trados Studio 2021
  • CAT Tools Starter Kit $199
  • NEW RELEASE: SDL Trados Studio 2021 New Features
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