An Introduction to Translation

Whether you have never translated before, or only translated informally, this course will help you understand much more about the profession, key tools, fundamental techniques and how to earn a living and grow a business as a translator.

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Learn How to Start Your Translation Career!

  • Learn all about this exciting profession!

Upon successful completion of this course, you will


✓ Understand the origins and history of translation
✓ Understand who translators work for, how they get jobs and how they get paid
✓ Be able to assess whether translation is the right career path for you
✓ Understand some of the key tools that translators use in their work

✓ Understand how can help you
✓ Be able to plan your next career steps



What’s included?


  • ✓ Module 1. What is translation?
    ✓ Module 2. A brief history of translation
    ✓ Module 3. The role of the translator
    ✓ Module 4. Who do translators work for?
    ✓ Module 5. Why become a translator?
    ✓ Module 6. How to translate: an introduction to translation techniques
    ✓ Module 7. Research tools and resources
    ✓ Module 8. A brief overview of CAT tools, translation memory and terminology management
    ✓ Module 9. Machine translation and PEMT
    ✓ Module 10. How can help you on your journey
    ✓ Module 11. Business considerations and next steps



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Join for $149 $49 today



Created by: Paul Urwin and Caroline Durant

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