Risk management for language professionals

Identifying scams for online freelancers

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Empower yourself with comprehensive risk management

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This course will give you some of the basic tools you need to navigate the complexities of risk management effectively as an online freelance translator.



Upon successful completion of this course, you will


✓ Have a comprehensive understanding of what freelance work entails.
✓ Identify various types of business risks that freelancers encounter.
✓ Implement effective strategies to mitigate or minimize these risks.
✓ Recognize different types of scams prevalent in freelancing.
✓ Acquire techniques to avoid falling victim to scams in your freelance career.


This self-paced course comes with approximately 1.5 hours of video content with a quiz and can be taken at any time (on-demand). 


Who is this course for?


✓ Freelancers seeking to enhance their risk management skills.
✓ Individuals interested in understanding the business risks associated with freelancing.
✓ Those looking to protect themselves from scams and fraud in the freelance industry.



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Created by ProZ.com Staff Members: Lucia Leszinsky, Andrea Capuselli, Gabriela Iacoboni

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