Common machine translation errors: Identification and anticipation

Learn to quickly identify and anticipate common translation errors, enhancing your accuracy and efficiency. This session offers practical techniques to improve your daily workflow and elevate your professional profile, enabling you to deliver superior translations with less effort and greater confidence.

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In just 90 minutes, discover how to elevate your translation accuracy and efficiency through identifying and anticipating common machine translation errors.

As a translator in the digital age, you're constantly navigating the challenges posed by machine translations. While these tools offer efficiency, they're not infallible. This workshop is designed to arm you with the skills needed to swiftly identify and rectify typical errors that occur in machine translations. By honing these skills, you'll enhance your service quality, increase your marketability, and stay ahead in the competitive field of translation.

This interactive session delves into various types of common errors encountered in machine translations, from syntactical missteps to context-based inaccuracies. We'll explore techniques for quick identification of these errors and strategies for effective correction. Additionally, we'll discuss how to anticipate potential errors in different types of texts, preparing you to approach machine translations with a proactive mindset.

Embrace the opportunity to become a more proficient and sought-after translator by mastering the art of error identification and prevention in machine translations. This 90-minute workshop is your key to unlocking greater efficiency and accuracy in your translation work.


  • After the workshop you will be able to:

  • ✓ Identify and correct common MT errors: gain skills to quickly spot and fix typical mistakes in machine translations, enhancing translation quality.
    ✓ Boost income potential: develop skills that enable charging higher rates for specialized MTPE services, directly impacting your earnings.



What’s included?


April 11, 2024: Live 90-minute workshop with Willy

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✓ Certificate of completion



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Workshop program:


-  Overview of Machine Translation: Introduction to various MT models and their common applications in the translation industry.
- Common error categories in MT: Identification of frequent error types across different languages and MT systems.
- Strategies for error identification: Techniques and tools to efficiently detect errors in machine-translated texts.
- Best practices for error correction: Approaches to correct common MT errors while maintaining the original meaning and style.
- Practical application and case studies: Analyzing real-world examples to apply learned techniques in practical scenarios.



About the trainer: Willy Paul

Willy Paul, a 45-year-old French translator, post-editor and trainer, specializes in gambling and outdoor sports translations.

Passionate about empowering fellow translators, he actively shares insights and business development strategies on his French-language blog. Willy's current focus includes offering specialized training in machine translation post-editing (MTPE), guiding translators to identify and capitalize on lucrative MTPE opportunities.


Who is this course for?

- Early-career translators seeking to expand their service offerings with MTPE
- Language professionals interested in leveraging technology to enhance productivity
- Freelance translators aiming to diversify their income sources with efficient MTPE projects
- Translation company employees looking to increase their value and expertise in automated translation services

Join for $60 today

Special price, 50 USD for Plus subscribers


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