Editing and Proofreading for Translators

Boost Your Skills and Produce Better Work 

Whether you are an established translator looking to make small improvements, or a new translator who knows you need to invest and grow in this area, this course will set you up with the skills to succeed.

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Learn How to Improve Your Editing and Proofreading!

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Translators edit and proofread every day. Becoming more effective in these areas obviously improves quality – it often improves the bottom line too, as confidence and effective processes mean you complete work faster and make it less likely that we submit poor work if we are having a bad day. We should all ensure quality for every job. Karen will provide expert instruction and feedback on skills that she built up, applied and practiced for years. You will receive many concrete tips that you can use straight away in your translation and editing work, and example templates that you can use to get a head start on developing your own process.


Watch the video with Karen and and learn more about the structure of the course




Upon successful completion of this course, you will


✓ be aware of the long-standing methods excellent editors and proofreaders use to ensure quality every time 

✓ know how to apply various modern proofreading and editing tools

✓ have tested your understanding and skills in self-paced quizzes and assignments with feedback

✓ have learned how to adequately price your services and negotiate your worth

✓ have identified your strengths and weaknesses in this area, and pinpointed how to improve the weaknesses

✓ have drafted your own editing and proofreading process

✓ and more.


This self-paced course comes with about 4 hours of video content, plus quizzes and assignments.


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Who is this course for?


This course is for you if you are a translator and you:


 want to know more about tools we can use for editing and proofreading 

 do not have confidence that you are making the right edits in translations

 believe you spend too long going back and forth on decisions while editing and proofreading 

 want to build confidence in negotiating for editing and proofreading services

 do not have a defined editing and proofreading process

 want the confidence to know that every time you deliver a job the translation is excellent



What’s included?


  • ✓ Module 1. The Foundation
    ✓ Module 2. Proofreading
    ✓ Module 3. Software Tools That Can Help
    ✓ Module 4. Let's Talk About Other Translators' Work
    ✓ Module 5. Let's Talk About Your Own Work
    ✓ Module 6. Emergency Measures for Impending Deadlines
    ✓ Module 7. Pricing Proofreading and Editing Services

  • ✓ Module 8. Finishing Touches



Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: The Foundation

1.1 Baseline Exercise 1 
1.2 Definitions 
1.3 Karen's bio 
1.4 Quiz 


Module 2: Proofreading
2.1 Baseline Exercise: A Proofreading Task
2.2 Baseline Exercise Karen’s Version
2.3 Proofreading video (with slides)
2.4. Quiz 

2.5. Feedback


Module 3: Software Tools That Can Help
3.1. Software
3.2. Resource list
3.3. Assignment

3.4. Feedback


Module 4: Let's Talk About Other Translators' Work
4.1. Editing Others
4.2. Quiz
4.3. Assignment

4.4. Feedback


Module 5: Let's Talk About Your Own Work
5.1. Editing Your Own Work video (with slides)
5.2. Quiz
5.3. Assignment

5.4. Feedback


Module 6: Emergency Measures for Impending Deadlines
6.1. Emergency Measures for Impending Deadlines

6.2. Quiz


6.4. Feedback


Module 7: Pricing Proofreading and Editing Services
7.1. Pricing Proofreading
7.2. Exercise

7.3. Assignment

7.4. Feedback 


Module 8: Finishing Touches
8.1. Final Evaluation
8.2. Closing thoughts 


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Created by: Karen Tkaczyk

Karen Tkaczyk grew up in the UK. She has an MChem in chemistry with French from the University of Manchester and a diploma in French and a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Cambridge. She worked in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries before moving to the US, having children, and then switching careers. She started her translation practice in in 2005. Since then Karen has been translating French into English, localizing and editing English, and training other translators, mainly in the area of scientific and technical writing, editing and quality assurance. In 2021 she began working for MasterWord (Houston, Texas) as Director of Life Sciences Solutions. 


Karen is ATA-certified (French to US English) and a Fellow of the ITI (Qualified for French to UK English). She works from home in the Denver, Colorado, area. She volunteers for many industry associations and has recently completed 5 years serving on the American Translators Association Board. She tweets at @ChemXlator.

See https://www.mcmillantranslation.com/ for more information.

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