Avoiding burnout for busy translators: the lowdown on lymphatic and muscular training

Learn to identify the warning signs of the kind of physical burnout translators suffer from.

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Avoiding burnout for busy translators: the lowdown on lymphatic and muscular training

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It is no coincidence that the same type of ailments affect translators wherever they work in the world. For cerebral professionals such as translators, acquiring knowledge about the causes behind the pain is the first step. From there, re-balancing your muscles and keeping your lymphatic system moving will keep you pain free and productive even during those times when you have tough deadlines to meet.

This talk provides up-to-date information that is, surprisingly, not very well known.

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Video: Avoiding burnout for busy translators


Moving lymphatic fluid

Proper computer posture (mind-body connection)

Training plan avoiding burnout

Summary of references

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