International Translation Day
Pre-Conference Workshops

Invest in yourself - acquire new skills - learn from the best in the industry

All workshops will be recorded. Even if you do not attend the live session, you will still have unlimited access to the video, handouts and certificate.


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Day 1 - Monday 26th September 2022


September 26 at 13:00 GMT

Getting Started as a Freelance Translator

This workshop will allow attendees to become acquainted with the concepts, modes and challenges of setting up as a freelance translator so that they can start to provide their professional services confidently and profitably.

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Trainer: Jason Willis-Lee

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Includes the following modules:

-Getting started is easier than you think

-Marketing: brand, profile, activity?

-Working from home - time management

-Building your social media presence: engaging and marketing

-How to get over the no-experience barrier

-How to create an effective CV

Duration: 120 minutes

September 26 at 13:00 GMT

Learn How to Use DeepL Machine Translation

Substantially speed up your translation process and make it easier and more efficient. You will learn how to use the different versions of DeepL, post-editing techniques and how to use and create electronic glossaries.

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Trainer: Claudia Brauer

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- Learn to use the free MT version

- Learn to use the paid MT version

- Learn to ensure confidentiality

- Learn post-editing techniques

- Learn essential quality assurance rules

- Learn to use and create electronic glossaries

Duration: 90 minutes

September 26 at 15:00 GMT

The 22 Most Underexploited Tech Tools for Translators

Come find out about the best time-saving tech tools out there for translators in 2022—
many of them are free! We’ll be going over all the best tools on the market with real-time demos so you know exactly which ones are worthwhile for you, and why. Get ready to shave literally hours off every work week! Results guaranteed.

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Trainer: Joe Lépine

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After taking this workshop, you will…

- Be aware of the top tools on the market, what they do, and how they can speed up everyday tasks so you can focus on what matters
- Gain an understanding of which tasks can be automated before, during, and after translation
- Have a clear picture of which tools are right for you and why, thanks to the live demos and Q&A
- Know exactly where to go to download the top free and paid tools for translators in 2022 (links provided in the participant document)

- This is a live 2-hour workshop where you can get immediate feedback and ask questions.

- Get ready to shave literally hours off every work week! Results guaranteed.

Duration: 120 minutes

September 26 at 16:00 GMT

Breaking into the subtitling market

Learn how to diversify your services and break into the subtitling market. Molly shares the exact process she went through to become a subtitler and explains how you too can get started quickly in this fast-growing sector.

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Trainer: Molly Yurick

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If you are a freelance translator looking to branch out into other services but do not know where to start, subtitling may be a great option. Media localization is a growing sector that accounts for 14% of total revenue in the language services industry. There is currently a real demand for translators trained in the art of subtitling.

In this two-hour workshop, you will receive a brief introduction to the specialized world of subtitling and a step-by-step guide on how to break into the audiovisual translation sector. While the course will not teach you how to subtitle, it will teach you how to break into the industry using the same steps that worked for Molly when she broke into the market in 2020.

Using her recent experience as a base, instructor Molly Yurick will:

✓ Give an introduction to subtitling and its peculiarities
✓ Provide an overview of the most popular free and paid subtitling tools
✓ Explain pricing systems
✓ Provide a step-by-step guide on how to break into the industry, including:
✓ Recommendations for specialized training
✓ How to find potential clients
✓ Ideas on how to create a marketing plan
✓ A list of essential resources

Duration: 120 minutes

September 26 at 16:00 GMT

From Bilingual to Remote Interpreter

This workshop will teach you how to professionally interpret between the languages you speak and how to sell that skill in the market. You will learn professional interpreting skills and protocols, exercises to master interpreting in any field and how to promote and market yourself as an interpreter.

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Trainer: Islam Younis

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Topics covered during the course:

✓ A brief intro about the growth of remote interpretation
✓ Interpreting modes
✓ Keys to mastering interpreting skills
✓ How to sharpen your skills: note-taking, memory and retention, in-mind translation, rendering
✓ Interpretation Protocols
✓ Selling your skills

Duration: 120 minutes

Day 2 - Tuesday 27th September 2022


September 27 at 13:00 GMT

Fearless Direct Client Marketing

Develop the skills you need to build your direct client portfolio. Corinne shares practical, actionable steps to finding direct clients. You'll finish the session with a list of tasks you can start on right way.

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Trainer: Corinne McKay

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What you'll learn:

✓ How to prepare for entering the direct client market

✓ At least 10 ways for finding direct clients

✓ How to optimize your online profiles for direct clients

✓ How to get the most from email marketing and client-side events

September 27 at 13:00 GMT

An Introduction to Voiceover Including How to Set Up a Home Studio

Learn how to get the right equipment, record a demo, increase your confidence and get voiceover clients.

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Trainer: Paul Urwin

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This workshop is designed for translators and interpreters who would like to find out more about voiceover and who may be considering adding voiceover to their portfolio of services.

Specifically, this course is for translators or interpreters who would like to:

✓ find out more about voiceover and how it works

✓ learn how to set up a home studio, including which type of microphone, headset etc. is best

✓ increase their confidence with all types of audio recording and presenting

✓ This course is a live and web-based, delivered over 2 hours.

September 27 at 15:00 GMT

How to Optimize Your Online Profiles

In this workshop we go through what content you should have on your website, how to optimize it for search engines and how to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

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Tess Whitty-1

Trainer: Tess Whitty

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You will get lots of examples and an opportunity to get feedback on your own profiles.

You’ll get tips and steps to develop the following:

✓ Optimized Website

✓ What content you need on your website

✓ Basic SEO strategies

✓ Website inspiration

✓ Optimized Online Presence

✓ How to optimize online directories

✓ How to set up an optimized LinkedIn profile

✓ How to use LinkedIn to find potential customers and engage with them

✓ This is a live 2-hour workshop where you can get immediate feedback and ask questions.

✓ Join experienced trainer, expert translator and distinguished industry leader Tess Whitty for an incredible workshop packed with value that will help boost your career!

Duration: 120 minutes

September 27 at 15:00 GMT

Specialization for freelance translators: how to stand out from the crowd and get more (and better) work

“You should specialize.” You’ve heard it over and over again, since the very first moment you stepped into the translation industry. But where  – and how – do you start? How do you pick one niche over another? And what about all the opportunities you're going to lose by focusing on one specific market? In this workshop, we’ll look at some concrete reasons that will help and motivate you to choose one or more niches to specialize in; what the actual definition of “specialization” is; (hint: “marketing translation” is not a specialization!) And we'll look at real life examples of how specializing can skyrocket your business growth. If you’ve been on the fence or are not sure where to start, don’t miss this opportunity!

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Trainer: Martina Russo

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Duration: 90 minutes

September 27 at 15:00 GMT

September 27 at 16:00 GMT

How to Make Feedback Work for You

Feedback is tricky – receiving it, not receiving it, giving it and requesting it. If you’ve struggled with any of these in the past, this workshop is for you! It’s designed for translators at any point in their careers who have experienced difficulties around feedback. We’ll look at different types of feedback and use exercises that will help change how you feel about receiving, giving, and dealing with feedback.

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Trainer: Bettina Röhricht

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What you’ll learn:

  • How to become more confident around feedback
  • Why negative feedback isn’t always a bad thing
  • Why feedback can be an empowering tool for your business
  • How you can use feedback to strengthen your client relationships

Duration: 90 minutes including Q&A session at the end

September 27 at 16:00 GMT

10 Steps to a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Creating and sharing content can be a very powerful tool for translators and interpreters - but only if done the right way. Learn exactly how to create engaging content and increase sales with content marketing expert Delfina Morganti-Hernández.

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Trainer: Delfina Morganti-Hernández

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Duration: 120 minutes