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  • Search Ninja:
    Cut Your Search Times in Half
    Course · 30 Lessons
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Did you know that most translators spend close to one third of their day performing searches... often using archaic search methods? Imagine if you could cut that time in half with a handful of quick optimizations and free programs.

For translators charging by the word, time truly is money. Yet surprisingly, in 2023 many of us are still using outdated search methods that are costing us valuable hours every week.


From browser optimizations and usage checkers to one-click searches, voice typing, instant email templates, lightning-fast OCR, and so much more, Search Ninja will transform the way you work—and make your life so much easier.


The free tips, tools and techniques in this video training will make you… a Search Ninja!


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The training course is priced at $45, but as a Premium membership subscriber, the course is included at no additional cost. The monthly Premium membership, which grants access to all courses and additional features, is nearly 2 times cheaper than purchasing a single training session. Discover more by clicking this link.


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✓ Lifetime access to six modules (30 lessons, approximately 3 hours to complete and practice) 

✓ 2 Bonus eBooks 

✓ Training Certificate



Testimonials from attendees of the training by Joachim Lépine:



For me as a translator, these “Ninja” time-saving tips have turned my work day around—less stress and more time and energy for what really matters.


I’m amazed at how much time I’m saving every day with the “Ninja” search tips!


This course is chock-full of information, and thanks to the practical, bite-sized videos, I was able to put the super handy “Ninja” tips into practice right away.


Wow! This is a gold mine!


Thanks, Joe for being a true—and truly talented—geek. I agree with your opening remarks about taking it slowly. Search Ninja is dense and full of valuable time-saving techniques for translators, all tried and tested for their pertinence and effectiveness by one of us who explains how to use them clearly and efficiently. 



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Your trainer:


Joachim Lépine, M. Ed., C. Tr. is a French-to-English translator and the cofounder of LION Translation Academy.

His many training clients and partners have included, ITI (UK), Training for Translators (USA), OTTIAQ, Magistrad, Editors Canada, and the Translation Bureau (Canada).


As a translator, Joachim has served an array of high-profile clients, both in Canada and abroad. He taught English translation and related courses at Université de Sherbrooke for nearly 15 years and was head of the OTTIAQ continuing education committee from 2013 to 2020. Joachim holds degrees in fine arts, professional translation, and education, respectively from Concordia University, Université de Sherbrooke, and Plymouth State University.

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