Transcreation Essentials

How to Get Started and Prosper in Transcreation

Whether you are an established translator looking to market yourself as a transcreator, or a new translator wishing to explore this exciting area, this course will set you up with the skills to succeed.

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Learn How to Start Your Transcreation Career!

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Upon successful completion of this course, you will


✓ (finally!) understand what transcreation is and when it is required (and when not);
✓ get to know – and apply – various transcreative techniques;
✓ test your skills in self-paced exercises and assignments with feedback;
✓ learn to adequately price your services and negotiate your worth;
✓ identify ways to combine transcreation with other language services;
✓ get inspiration for finding your niche and market your services;
✓ and more.


This self-paced course comes with approximately 5 hours of video content, quizzes and assignments. You will also have the opportunity to ask Nina any questions directly in monthly group coaching sessions. 


Friday 26th November at 15:00-16:00 GMT (usually with groups of around 10 students).


Who is this course for?


This course is for you if you are a translator and you:


✓ feel underappreciated in terms of your creative skills
✓ are looking for alternatives to increasingly machine-translation dominated language services
✓ wish to start offering transcreation as a service, or
✓ are already working in the field but would like to get additional inspiration and feedback, or
✓ want to refine your skills in arguing the case for transcreation services



What’s included?


  • ✓ Module 1. Why consider transcreation?
    ✓ Module 2. Debunking frequent misconceptions
    ✓ Module 3. The transcreation workflow
    ✓ Module 4. How creativity works
    ✓ Module 5. Pricing and other key business aspects
    ✓ Module 6. Marketing your transcreation services
    ✓ Module 7. Business considerations and next steps


Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction
1.1 Welcome message
1.2 Why consider transcreation?
1.3 Download: Glossary (PDF)


Module 2: Debunking frequent misconceptions
2.1 What is transcreation, really?
2.2 How transcreation differs from other language services
2.3 Quality assessment criteria in transcreation
2.4 Isn’t transcreation required for advertising only?
2.5 Transcreation as a specialization
2.6 Quiz: Test what you have learned so far


Module 3: The transcreation workflow
3.1 Steps in a transcreation process
3.2 Working the magic
3.3 CAT tools as part of the transcreation workflow
3.4 Transcreative Brief Template (PDF)
3.5 Exercise: Getting and writing a brief


Module 4: How creativity works
4.1 Creativity may not be what you think it is
4.2 Tricks from the transcreator’s toolbox
4.3 Best-practice approaches to taglines, slogans, headlines
4.4 Assignment with personal feedback
4.5 Download: Ad Transcreation Sample Template (PDF)
4.6 Download: Transcreative Techniques at a Glance (PDF)
4.7 Download: Headline Hacks (PDF)


Module 5: Pricing and other key business aspects
5.1 Introduction: The importance of getting the price right
5.2 Why are transcreation services perceived as expensive?
5.3 How to estimate and price the time, effort, and value of a job
5.4 Legal aspects and disclaimers
5.5 List of websites and sources for pricing guides (PDF)
5.6 Assignment with personal feedback


Module 6: Marketing your transcreation services
6.1 How can I position and market myself as a transcreator?
6.2 Finding transcreation clients (who value your services)
6.3 Quiz: Test your transcreation knowledge


Module 7: Wrap-up
7.1 Final thoughts and next steps
7.2 Recommended reading and further training (PDF)
7.3 Checklist for high-quality transcreated content (PDF)


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Created by: Nina Sattler-Hovdar 

Nina Sattler-Hovdar is a professional translator and transcreator who grew up in Norway and Austria. She is one of the best known transcreators globally, with 30 years' experience in translating and writing texts that are meant to inform, engage, and inspire. With a Master’s degree in translation and an additional background in marketing, she specializes in corporate communication, advertising, PR, and other business-critical texts that require top copywriting skills and expertise in corporate thinking. Her main working languages are English and Norwegian into German.

Based on her 30 years of experience, Nina has also become a sought-after speaker and coach, holding in-person and online presentations, seminars, and workshops.

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