Smoking-Hot Syntax: 7 Brilliant Tips

for Into-English Translators

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  • A 2-hour workshop on the top syntax trips for translators working into English

    September 21, 4 pm GMT.

When you're translating into English, it's easy to fall into classic syntax traps that will leave your readers cold and unimpressed.

Come learn seven surprisingly easy yet little-known syntax tips you can apply to consistently produce red-hot sentences that will wow your clients... and make your readers hungry for more!

This workshop for all into-English translators covers sequencing, linearity, coupling, structural parallelism, affirmation, underused free modifiers, and the truth about active and passive voice.

We'll be doing a variety of hands-on exercises throughout the workshop so you can grasp and apply each principle in a group setting.

The workshop is sure to light a fire in your belly—and set off fireworks in your syntax.



After taking this workshop, you will…

✓ Have greater clarity on what makes English sentences “sound good”

✓ Grasp syntax principles that are rarely taught but make all the difference in quality writing

✓ Be aware of the dos and don’ts of English sentence patterns and sequencing

✓ Have some practice crafting better sentences

✓ Master 7 key techniques to serve up texts that will delight your readers and translation clients


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What’s included in this workshop?


✓ 21 September 2023: Live 2-hour workshop with Joe
✓ Recordings for registered attendees

✓ Training Certificate




Your trainer:


Joachim Lépine, M. Ed., C. Tr. (Joe) is a Quebec-based French-into-English translator and the cofounder of the LION Translation Academy. He has been teaching translation courses and workshops to university students and working professionals for more than 10 years.

Some of his training clients have included the United Nations, Training for Translators, the British Institute of Translators and Interpreters, Magistrad, OTTIAQ, Editors Canada, and Canada’s Translation Bureau.

When he is not teaching language, technology and business courses for translators, Joe is often busy translating for his commercial and academic clients in Quebec.

He holds a bachelor’s in fine arts from Concordia University, a bachelor’s in professional translation from the University of Sherbrooke, and a master’s degree in education from Plymouth State University.


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