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  • 2-hour workshop
    on 13 July 2023 at 14:00 GMT Recording available for attendees
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This training session includes practical instructions regarding the translation of various legal documents, such as certificates, contracts, court documents (affidavits, decisions, verdicts, decrees, etc.), degrees, diplomas and diploma supplements.
In addition, the session will provide solutions for problematic issues such as illegible text, handwritten text, signatures, stamps, seals and similar content in documents.
You will learn how legal documents are structured, what kind of text can be expected in such documents, what problematic issues may arise and how to handle them. You will be equipped to enter the market and add this line of business to your portfolio.
Note: there will be language-specific examples primarily in German and English. 


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What you'll learn

✓ How to translate official documents
✓ How to handle phrases, words or other items in the original document that are unclear, illegible, incorrect or typed wrongly. 

✓ How to use translator notes and square brackets.
✓ How to handle different characteristics of personal identity documents, contracts, licences, certificates, etc. 

✓ How to translate and/or transcribe personal names or names of authorities and institutions, titles of departments, etc.

✓ How to find adequate equivalents for administrative procedures and regulations.

What’s included?


13 July 2023: Live 2-hour workshop with Jasmina
✓ Recordings for registered attendees
✓ certificates of attendance



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Special price, 50 USD for Plus subscribers


Created by: Jasmina Djordjevic 

7G7A0227Jasmina is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš, Serbia and holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics (English Language). Among other courses, she teaches Translation of Non-Literary Texts at the MA level and The Theory of Cultural Linguistics in the Study of Translation at the PhD level. In the past she has also taught Translation Techniques, Consecutive Translation at the BA level and Intercultural Communication and Translation as well as Consecutive and Conference Interpreting at the MA level. She has authored numerous articles, monographs and textbooks, presented at conferences as well as created curricula for translation programs. Parallel to her academic career, being an appointed and sworn translator, native in German and Serbian as well as close-to-native in English, she has been developing her translator and interpreter career for the last 28 years. Now she is trying to contribute to the profession by coaching students to become good translators, interpreters or teachers.

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