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Video games have blossomed into the most profitable entertainment industry in the world. The mobile technology boom in recent years has revolutionized the industry and allowed access to a new generation of gamers. This has led gaming companies to continue to focus on the localization of their games, and opened the door to new opportunities for talented translators. Translating video games can seem like a lot of fun, but this type of localization requires a broad skill set compared to other translation specialties. From in-game text, to user manuals, to marketing and promotional materials, the variety of texts for translation is just one of the many challenges that translators in this field must face. This masterclass will outline in a comprehensive and dynamic way, what translators must know and what they must have in their inventories to succeed in video game localization.



Upon successful completion of this course, you will


Learn about the video game industry and how localization impacts the industry.

✓ Get an overview of what the localization process entails.

✓ See an analysis of video game genres and considerations for how to translate them.

✓ Learn about localization, culturalization, transcreation applied to video games.

✓ Take a close look at the challenges translators can face and how to overcome them.

✓ Learn about the different tools and assets that video game localizers must use.

✓ Get a clear understanding of the different career opportunities within the game localization industry.


This self-paced course comes with about 4 hours of video content, plus hand-outs with resources and assignments.



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Who is this course for?


This course is intended for anyone, from translators starting in the industry to more experienced linguists, interested in working as a translator in video game localization.


What’s included?


✓ Module 1. Localization overview

✓ Module 2. Video game localization process 

✓ Module 3. Content to localize 

✓ Module 4. The localizer’s profile 

✓ Module 5. Tools and assets 

✓ Module 6. Challenges 

✓ Module 7. Game localization industry overview 

✓ Module 8. Career opportunities 


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Overview of gaming industry and trends (2:37)

Translation vs localization (2:26)

Cultural adaptation
Adaptation of covers

Localization time-line
Localization process
Testing MTPE
Type of content to translate
Types of games genres
Description of localizer’s profile
Time management and productivity
Style guides
Translation memories
Terminology management
Query sheets
Character restrictions
Absence of context
Searching for references
Handling tags
Handling variables
Inclusive localizations
Game universe
Localization of proper names
Translation tests
Associations and organizations
Localization roles
Job and networking opportunities
Selling and branding

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Created by: Marina Ilari

Marina Ilari is an ATA certified English-Spanish translator with over a 16 years of experience in the translation profession. She has worked as a translator, editor, and quality assurance specialist for many companies around the world with a special focus on creative translations and video game localization. During her career she has helped localize hundres of video games, from AAA titles to small indie games. She is the chief executive officer of Terra Translations and co-host of the podcast about translation, En Pantuflas. Contact:

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